JM72AA ex-RAF 300 Tdi Defender 110 CL (civilian logistic). 1996, P Reg

One of a large batch of ‘civilian’ Coniston Green / Alpine White 110s bought in the late 90s to complement the incoming ‘Wolf’ Land Rover fleet. Civilian hard top specification with some RAF added extras installed by LR Special Vehicles – NATO towing hitch, NATO electrics socket (12v), rear heated window, rear windscreen wiper, rear military bumperettes, Genuine Parts dashboard clock and (I think) heavy duty springs. This one had a date in service of January 1997 and started life at RAF Brize Norton then went to 90 SU (signal unit). It has a few dings here and there as any working military Land Rover will!
Purchased from L Jackson in 2016, it was the best all-rounder of the bunch that they had. I only intended to keep it for a couple of years but it’s been so good I’ve had it for 5 years. I bought it with 78,000 miles on and it had just ticked over 99,000 miles. It goes like a train and will zoom around all day at motorway speeds with ease and no clag. The bulkhead is totally rust / rot free and the chassis is in good condition too – Jacksons steam cleaned and undersealed it.
I use a fuel app to monitor fuel consumption and it has averaged 30.3 mpg in the time I’ve had it, and recently has been in the range 32-33 mpg. Most importantly it has a Thatcham-approved Cobra immobiliser fitted. In the time that I have had it, I have added Exmoor Trim ‘Techno’ cloth seats in the front, trimmed side panels in the rear, Exmoor Trim acoustic matting on the rear floor and wheel arches, a ‘slick shift’ on the main gear level (which changes the balance point so the stick requires less movement to change gear), Defender Demister side window vents, billet aluminium windscreen brackets, Genuine Parts folding rear step, LED instrument lights so you can actually see them and LED side and tail lights to act as daytime running lights. It has Avon Rangemaster 7.50 tyres fitted on the MOD fitted Wolf wheels, these are about 4 years old.
In summer 2020 it had: • New Genuine Parts P gasket • Replacement Genuine Parts water pump casing with Genuine Parts bolts • New Genuine Parts thermostat • New Quinten Hazel water pump • New Genuine Parts top hose • New Genuine Parts bottom hose • Brass filler plugs • New Genuine Parts passenger door seal • New Genuine Parts fuel filter • New oil pressure switch • New Lucas alternator • New Dayco drive belt • Global Roamer aluminium transfer box sump – 0.5 litre larger In August this year it had an oil change (Mobil oil) with Genuine Parts oil filter and new overspill pipes on the injectors. It will come with a year’s MOT which runs from October. It’s ready for the next chapter of civilian life. If you want a military Land Rover without the faff and cost of a Wolf and 24v electrics, this is ideal. It’s a great everyday Land Rover – smart enough that people complement you when they see it yet very usable. It can come with 2 x unfitted wolf rear bench seats and a 2-year-old car cover – open to negotiation on these.

Duncan Wright: 07870 571219

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