WW2 American Vehicle Parts

We have NOS Spare Parts for GMC CCKW 352/353
Banjo/Split Type, Dodge WC 51/52.

NOS  Canvas Seat Covers , for GMC Closed Cab.
One lot of 95 pcs crankshafts for GMC CCKW, see pictures.

We also offer WW2 Military Vehicle Parts for:
GMC CCKW 352/353 - Parts for, Engine,Crankshafts,Gaskets,Valves,Pistons 0.20 Water Pumps,Fuel Pump Kits, Clutch Bearings,Axle Parts,Bearings, Oil Seals,Brake Parts, etc.
Dodge WC 51/52 -Engine Parts, In/Exhaust Valves,
Clutch Pressure Plates,Brake Parts,etc.
Jeep MB - Engine Parts, In/Exhaust Valves, Cilinder Sleeves STD, Piston Ring Sets, 0.10-0.40-0.50-0.60, Brake Parts,etc.
Diamond G509 - (NOS) NEW Crankshafts STD

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