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Israeli Galil SAR Selective Fire Assault Rifles

The 5.56 x 45 Short Assault Rifle manufactured for the Israeli Defence Force by Israeli Military Industries (IMI) of Tel Aviv. A superb quality military rifle with milled steel receiver, folding skeleton buttstock, short barrel incorporating flash hider and bayonet lug; black nylon furniture and 35-shot steel magazine. The receiver with Hebrew markings and Israeli Defence Crest and machined base for an optical sight, 3-position rear peep sight and hooded post foresight, unusual ambidextrous fire selector with AK type on right and thumb switch on the rear pistol grip. Superb Very Fine Condition with overall matt military finish. Deactivated to current EU 2018/337 Specification with removable magazine, complete with EU/UK Certificate, the spec remains little changed since 1995. OA 85cm, Brl 33cm. Highly recommended for the Assault Rifle Collector. £375 + £15 P&P.

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