Unique, special military items

We create high quality merchandising for special military commemoration events, specially designed clothing for museums and military companies, uniforms for complete bomber crews, paratrooper divisions and we are very precise in detailing.
Our range of products, skillsets and expertise reaches from customized flight jackets like A-2 or B-3 with nose art hand crafted paintings, (film) props, life size dioramas, scale dioramas, set pieces to event decorations, life size replica products like air planes, boats, tanks or a G4 WACO Glider. For the 75th D-Day Anniversary and it’s highly expected main event Daks over Normandy“.
We are proud to be the main supplier for all of the 40 Pilot Crews by sponsoring the Uniform consisting out of the A2 Jacket, Overall, T-shirt, Cap and a kit bag. Although we are based in The Netherlands, we deliver worldwide and we speak Dutch, English and German.
Please come to see us inThe Netherlands for a simply nice meet and greet or visit our website for further informations!
Sharing is caring! We would love to bring your ideas and visions to life.
Please feel free to contact us by email or phone.

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