Deactivated Weapons For Sale

Various UK/EU spec deactivated weapons for sale.
All are not pictured. Please feel free to contact me for more pictures.
Willing to give discounts on multiple items in one purchase.
All in good deactivation condition.
Working parts as normal for EU deactivated weapons. All items are as pictured.
1940 ww2 Nazi stamped k98 rifle. £595.00
Stevens model 77f pump action shotgun. £550.00
Beretta BM59. £750.00 PPSH-41. £450.00
Colt navy. £275.00 Sterling mk IV £450.00
1917 DWM Luger £1,150.00 M1 Carbine. £550.00
1917 Dated Carcano 1891 £400.00
1939 Dated Carcano m38 carbine. £375.00
1892 Dated Schmidt Rubin 1889 £525.00
Astra Ciclope single barrel shotgun. £175.00
Thompson 1928 £650.00 AMD-65 £275.00
Sig Sauer p226 £575.00 P38 £550.00 PPS 43 £225.00 SKS £250.00
Lee Enfield mkV jungle carbine. £650.00
All prices are plus postage.
I try to provide a friendly accommodating service so please feel free to contact for any questions or pictures you would like.

Kenny Allison - Cease Firearms: 07500 775734

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