1944 4 x 2 Dodge D15 15cwt GS tipper (D60 Dumper)

Introduction: The 4X2 Dodge D series trucks can be traced back to about 1942.
Most were 3 ton trucks and they were used in all sorts of roles such as water tankers, semi-trailer tractors, tippers etc. The cab and front metal were the same in all weight models. This Dodge D15 (or also named D60 Dumper) was one of these CMP’s from which only a small quantity have survived. Due to the fact that this is a tipper configuration it is a very rare vehicle which makes it very collectable! This very rare Dodge is a MUST HAVE in the collection of any serious WW-II Dodge or CMP collector!
Condition: At the end of WW-II this example was, after being released by the Army, used at a dairy plant in the area of Gent Belgium. In the nineties it was discovered and restored by a Dutch collector. It is a very rare classic genuine WW-II survivor military vehicle and very comfortable to drive. Moreover due to its weight only a small drivers license is required! This vehicle is Dutch road registered (BE-26-83), runs well and comes in condition as indicated in the pictures. Chassis Nr. of the vehicle is 91064579. Wheelbase 345 cm. On Dutch license the model is listed as D 110 L.
Definitely a Canadian model from which in total only 4.666 examples have been built with heavy duty cardan.
Original data plates in cabin! Comes with spare wheel holder behind cabin and civil model dash.
Remarks: second fuel tank behind driver (right side) is missing.
Price: Euro 16.350,- Delivery: ex works Maarheeze but we can ship worldwide.
If you have any questions please ask BAIV BV, Maarheeze, The Netherlands; phone: +31 6 361 99 201 (Ivo Jr.); E-Mail: info@baiv.nl

BAIV BV : +31 6 361 99 201

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