Land Rover FC101 LHD, mint condition

I am offering for sale FC101 after full, “bolt & nut” restoration, converted to 5 stars hotel level motorhome. Please find some basic information bellow: 1. Car info: Land rover FC101, type: radio body, manufactured in 1977, 3.5V8 engine, LT95 transfer box, 12V installation, original military registration plate: 72FL15. The car is registered under 3,5t B category driving license, and is registered as normal car (no vintage car plate), insurance, and technical checking valid till October 2017. Car located in Poland (close to German border). 2. Restoration: - Engine: NEW!!!, bought from specialised company, crated and unused. Now has app. 700 km on the clock. All accessories: carbs, manifolds, starter, ignition (electronic) distributor, cables, spark plugs - NEW. - Gear box: MOD, reconditioned original LT95, same as engine – app. 700km, - Frame: sand blasted, anticorrosion paint covered, all bolts galvanised. - Flywheel, and clutch assembly: NEW: including new master, and slave cylinders, new piping, new fluid reservoir. - Front, and rear axles: reconditioned. Front axle with perfect swivels- black epoxy covered, and hardened. - Overdrive installation - with full NEW linkage system. - Front, and rear propeller shafts: reconditioned, with new journals. - Front, and rear springs: NEW - Front, and rear shock absorbers: NEW - Break system: NEW: breaking shoes, master cylinder, wheel cylinders, return springs, cuprum made piping system, fluid reservoir. - Steering box: reconditioned. - Steering system: NEW: ball joints, anti roll bar, steering damper, rod ends. - Steering relay: reconditioned - Radiator: NEW: with increased heat exchange ratio, all rubber cooling/heating tubes brand NEW. - Exhaust system: NEW - Fuel tank, and fuel piping system: NEW - Electric installation: fully NEW - Head lights, rear lights, indicators, anti fog lamp, working lamp – NEW - Gauge panel, speedometer: NEW - All dash panel switchers including hazard lights switcher, ignition: NEW - Switch horn, headlamp, dip: NEW - Doors slide channels, doors locks, windows locks, rubber sealing: NEW - Battery, external, and internal installation, fuse box, lamp relays: NEW - Pioneer tools straps: NEW - Tyres: NEW (retreated, speed index: 100km/h)- 5pcs. AT pattern – low noise on the highway. - Rims: NEW - Seats: NEW, made from codura material, comfortable frame – high comfort, 1:1 size as original seats +extra removable neck pillow. - Extra VDO gauges: voltmeter, oil pressure, clock, installed in central part of desk panel (instead of ammeters). - Land rover radio, and military loudspeakers – inside the military boxes – high quality, 50W loudspeakers. - Air condition in cab: can be used when driving. - Only one key for all doors. - All body fully repainted by special paints, and anti UV lotion. - All body sound, and thermic isolated using alu-butyle isolation mates. Engine cover, doors, roof, and cab - extra sound isolation to increase driving comfort. - All oils, and filters: NEW. - Box: full of new spare parts. - Hundreds others small new elements replaced!!! All restoration had place in specialised Land Rover service! All spare parts bought from: Able Engineering, Cradock etc. Copies of all invoices can be provided. 3. Camper conversion: - All walls, and roof from beige luxury leather textile, No one bolt visible! - Led lamps with 12/230V system with remote control, - New high capacity gel battery, - Central electricity “switch off” switcher, - 230V installation with 8 internal (Legrand), and 2 external sockets (waterproof), - 12V installation with 6 internal, and 3 external sockets (waterproof), - NEW: Dometic Freshlight 1600 air condition system, with 230/12V inverter, - NEW: Webasto Airtop2000ST system with multi control panel, - NEW: JVC high class radio with 4 x Alpine loudspeakers, - Blaupunkt 12/230V TV receiver, with parabolic antenna, - Audiomedia 12/230V DVD player - TV sat receiver – TV/SAT installation, and sockets + TV quick mounting system also installed outside car, - 25 meters long high isolation connection, flexible cable, - 145x200 cm, double bed with Tempur 10cm thick mattress, - MDF panel furniture with special lockers, - Antiallergic, high quality carpet, - Meteorological radio controlled station, - Aluminium ,Thule step system, - Outside door led lamp, - 3x2 meters Fiamma markise: NEW - 2x extra metal, waterproof military Zorges suites installed on the roof, - Wi-Fi router, - Internal window blinds, - Outdoor shower installation included: 25l water tank, pump, 12V heater – prepared to be installed, - 2 x ultra light Coleman chairs, - 1 x ultra light Easycamp table, - Set of melamine plates, and glasses with FC101 logo. - Set of original military car documents, photos, instructions etc.
Serious offers only -This car is not cheap! 

Przemyslaw Szypica: +39 345 6735990

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