Deactivated Weapons

A perfect condition Luger pistol with matching numbers and dated 1938 with de act cert, cocks and dry fires. Matching numbers on magazine, comes with a spare magazine and striping tool and a original stamped 1942 hardshell holster that has perfect leather and stitching. the picture doesn't do this justice, with deact cert
Again I'm also selling a late deact Thompson, looks in perfect condition it's a late deact, but hammer slides and the trigger pulls but doesn't stay pulled,
With deact cert
A late PPSH, a late deact and it's welded up solid however it does strip down and it also looks great for a show peace or prop, with deact cert
You won't find a better example of this riffle it hasn't been restored or re-varnished since the war. Lovely stamps with the German eagle and serial numbers, and front sight cover, cocks and dry fires perfectly smooth, with nicely aged wood stock,comes with the original sling, and bayonet and a reproduction frog, with deact cert

Richard Radley: 07774 923333

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