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2 Reo M35 very good truck

2 Reo M35. Reo AM General Kaiser Jeep M35, Turbo Whistler Multi fuel maintenance performed Airpack kit, and various new parts. Brakes and handbrake drainage, antifreeze, brake fluid, lubrication, filters 10 tires 11x20 + Shelter and M35 1970 100% original, with overhaul and filtering ok no burns, truck import USA. 70000 euros. (Shelter Reo mobile Sold.) Reo M35 fully restore and rework, brakes, bearings, transfer cases, paint, sheet metal, overhaul, tires, batteries. Possible to have a bonus of 1000 litres Polycarburant. Plan and tire and bank possible. Offers also make an original M35 usa 8500euros possible with shelters and 2 Reos 18000€ or swap FV432.

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